Tom Larson, Drummer & Percussionist

Tom is originally from Colorado, but has been living in Nashville, aka Music City USA, since 1996. He is an in-demand session player that has become a vital part of the diverse Music City scene. Besides an extensive discography portfolio, Tom also has studied Classical Percussion, and graduated from the prestigious University of New Orleans Jazz Studies Program.

Music City
Blues Drummer of the Year, 2001
Percussionist of the Year, 2001 & 2002

Genres that Tom plays
Jazz, Rock & Roll, Blues, Symphony, Funk, World Beat, Latin, Zydeco, Cajun, Punk...
Bands that Tom has played with
Delicious Blues Stew
Gene Hafner Trio
Swing Thing
David Bennett
Three Corners
David Frazier
Homemade Water
Michael Ripoll
Steven Hunter
Scott Holt
Seals and Seals
Kort McCumber
Catahoula Brass Band
Dean Martinis
Hobson's Choice
The Desires...

Tom Larson, Nashville Drummer & Percussionist

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